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 This legend tells us that humans, animals and plants once felt as unity and lived in harmony and harmony with one another. At this time, people held an intimate connection with the soul of water, which they lovingly called AGUAÁRIA. People were talking and singing for the water souls, and they were filled with deep gratitude, for they knew that only by the power AGUAÁRIAs life on earth was possible. Each child learned the song of the water and was held and weighed with this melody. As a gratitude, AGUAÁRIA spread its life-giving blessings on mankind and on all creatures of the earth.
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The boundless wisdom of AGUAÁRIA, however, was aware of the fact that all happenings and misdeeds followed a cycle, and she suspected that this bright time of unity would follow a dark time of oblivion ... so AGUAÁRIA itself created two magical amulets, which take the form of a Spiral, from whose center a large drop sprang, which contained another smaller drop. One of the amulets was gold, carrying the spirit of light and day. One was silver and animated with the spirit of darkness and night. She gave them to the watchmen of the memory with the prophecy that her singing would soon be silenced. But she commanded them to keep the amulets and to guard them until the day had come when their melody would be heard again for the first initiates.

The dark time of forgetting came.

People fell deeper and deeper into a kind of awake sleep. They forgot who they were. They did not honor themselves, nor one another, and waged cruel wars for power and resources. They destroyed not only the flora and fauna of their planet, but also destroyed the great parts of their own species and their common basis of life. Where they were, they created chaos. They abused their mother earth and used their treasures irresponsibly. People had fallen out of their inner order and seemed to have come out of the balance of all things. In the end, however, they polluted their rivers, springs, lakes, and oceans, as well as their own "inner waters," and a great dying began to spread out irresistibly.

 The great sleep of forgetting was infinitely deep, as the melody of the water, the song AGUAÁRIAS as the first, heart and ears of Madras reached the last remaining guardian of the amulets, after thousands of years. So Madra is on the search for two children who are chosen to wear the precious jewels and thus dream the dream, which has the power to expel the night and to start a new day.

Luh, a girl of 7 years, poor, but happy and Kanja, a boy of 9 years, from a rich parents' house, lonely in heart, live thousands of miles separated in different cultures. They meet each other in a magical dream spun by Madra and begin their journey in the name AGUAÁRIAS. But dark powers try to stop the great awakening and take possession of the water for themselves.

Will Luh & Kanja manage to fulfill their mission?


AGUAÁRIA sends her song, the healing melody of water, to all people with pure hearts, especially to the children.

Be thou, whether great or small, part of this great song, sing, dance & play the melody AGUAÁRIAS for the water and for us. Send us your video: We show the most beautiful videos (with your written consent and your parents) on AGUAÁRIA We will be giving away 3 AGUA ARIA raffles for the first time until 31.12.2017.

Be there! For you, for me, for all of us! Yours Aguani

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